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It's Still Two Circles (Alt) by RaidenAndClaire It's Still Two Circles (Alt) :iconraidenandclaire:RaidenAndClaire 1 7 It's Still Two Circles by RaidenAndClaire It's Still Two Circles :iconraidenandclaire:RaidenAndClaire 4 0
The Cure - Prologue
The Cure
By ~Claire

It's cold in here.
I've been sitting in this white-walled room for what feels like forever, waiting for the doctor to come in. I squirm a bit as I sit on a hard metal table, staring at my reflection in a mirror hanging crooked on the wall. My dark blue eyes stare back at me, a look of scrutiny in them. I look up at my brown hair, sticking up randomly and still quite short despite the fact that it's been a month since it was cut. It bugs me that it's so short – it doesn't feel natural. I sit on my hands and look down at my feet. They touch the floor despite the height of the table, thanks to my long legs. My feet are also quite large, as are my hands. They always made me feel cumbersome, like I was a little kid trying to control a Semi-Truck. I never liked my 'handsome face' or 'sexy voice' either, or the way people assumed they knew what I was like. I never liked having to hide who I was.
None of that will matter now.
The doctor comes in, apolog
:iconraidenandclaire:RaidenAndClaire 3 3
Mature content
Snake in the Mirror :iconraidenandclaire:RaidenAndClaire 39 9
Sweet Dreams - Part 3
Sweet Dreams (Part 3)
By ~Raiden & ~Claire

Rain woke up around noon the next day. She lay under the sheets, not wearing anything, reflecting on the previous night with Clark. They had spent most of their time at dinner just talking, and the movie they saw was fantastic. They had a lot of fun… even when they got back home. Rain privately blushed, remembering how they had stayed up most the night…
Rain eventually got up and took a quick shower. After she had dried herself off, she got dressed in the same clothes she wore the day before. It was still a little strange to her, getting cleaned up as a woman instead of a man. Even simple things, like going to the bathroom, were much different now. Once dressed and ready, she walked out to the kitchen and saw Claire (female again) sitting at the table, reading the newspaper. "Morning," Claire said, smiling. "Want some coffee?"
"Yeah," Rain replied, sitting down, as Claire got up and poured Rain a cup. "Why did you change back?
:iconraidenandclaire:RaidenAndClaire 8 1
Mature content
Sweet Dreams - Part 2 :iconraidenandclaire:RaidenAndClaire 11 0
Mature content
Canned Change :iconraidenandclaire:RaidenAndClaire 9 9
Mature content
Sweet Dreams - Part 1 :iconraidenandclaire:RaidenAndClaire 22 2
Mature content
Water Wonder :iconraidenandclaire:RaidenAndClaire 15 19
Mature content
Shower Shift :iconraidenandclaire:RaidenAndClaire 17 19
Mature content
The Fortune 3 :iconraidenandclaire:RaidenAndClaire 7 8
Mature content
The Potion :iconraidenandclaire:RaidenAndClaire 5 2
The Fortune 2.5
Draken smiled when the red light turned off on the security system. He left the security panel half open, with wires sticking out, as he headed into the basement of the house.
The basement was lined with bookshelves, and had several comfy chairs in the middle. Draken randomly pulled books off the shelves, and tapped the wood behind them.
Draken stopped. Hollow, just as I thought.
He made no attempt to find a secret lever, or pull the books out to find the one that opened the secret door. He knew it wasn't going to be that easy.
He took out a handheld laser, and aimed it at the bookcase. Instead of making a little dot of light, as most lasers did, it burned right through the book and the back of the bookcase. He moved the laser around in a large oval, cutting a hole straight through the now not-so-secret door. He stomped out the few flaming books, and went through the hole into a plain corridor. There was an elec
:iconraidenandclaire:RaidenAndClaire 3 0
Mature content
The Fortune 2 :iconraidenandclaire:RaidenAndClaire 8 10
The Fortune
The music was soft and mellow in the small Chinese restaurant, as Dave sat down in the round booth across from his dad, Sam. Sam waited for the young waitress to get their drinks before addressing Dave.
"You're lucky I even decided to come here," he said. "I can't believe they let these stupid teenage girls have jobs. They should be at home doing housework, as they were meant to."
Dave sighed. His father has always looked down on women, especially teenage girls. He viewed women as pieces of meat compared to actual people. Dave had long ago given up arguing with him over it. His dad would never change.
The waitress came back with the drinks and a bowl of fortune cookies. "The cook had to go out to grab a few sauces we ran out of," she said. "He'll be back in about 10 minutes. Would you like a fortune cookie to tide you over?"
Sam grimaced. "Don't you know that those are supposed to be given at the end of the meal?"
The waitress looked slightly taken aback.
"It doesn't really matt
:iconraidenandclaire:RaidenAndClaire 21 16
All the newest deviations from Raiden & Claire!
Warning: Some deviations may not be all that new, and may cause sudden and unexplainable gender reversal.

Random Favourites

Worms by Nobiax Worms :iconnobiax:Nobiax 17 14 Worms World Party by TheHiller Worms World Party :iconthehiller:TheHiller 239 87 Kenshin TG TF Commission by JohnColburn Kenshin TG TF Commission :iconjohncolburn:JohnColburn 165 31 how I see DA by MixedMilkChOcOlate how I see DA :iconmixedmilkchocolate:MixedMilkChOcOlate 1,060 297
Trust No One - TG
Trust No One - TG
"So remember children, if you see the pink-haired girl, the pink-haired evil, remember to take a knife and slice off her head with it. That will reveal her true form to everyone," he finished telling the kids. The kids cheered for him and his story. They went elsewhere to play.
A figure appeared behind him. "I don't appreciate the stories you tell these children," the figure said.
"Does it matter, Bishoo," he turned around to see her, Zoey, "when they're all true?"
"Listen here, Cherry Nigger, I'm not going let you inspire any stupid ideas in people." She started to walk up to him. Then she attempted to grab. "I'm just gonna make you a nuisance no longer." As she stuck her arm out Yuma stabbed her with a knife. In response she kicked him away. She held the wound as she spoke "Alright, we'll do this your way." She summoned a black sword in her left arm. Yuma took out another knife and the battle commenced.
Their weapons struck with great force. Zoey was showing no s
:icontherealyuma:TheRealYuma 33 16
Creepers by TurnThePhage Creepers :iconturnthephage:TurnThePhage 2,527 295 The victim of prejudice by DVan7 The victim of prejudice :icondvan7:DVan7 1,022 212 I Dream of TG 1 by Escafa I Dream of TG 1 :iconescafa:Escafa 221 9 I Dream of TG 2 by Escafa I Dream of TG 2 :iconescafa:Escafa 202 1 I Dream of TG 3 by Escafa I Dream of TG 3 :iconescafa:Escafa 222 1 I Dream of TG 4 by Escafa I Dream of TG 4 :iconescafa:Escafa 226 3 I Dream of TG 5 by Escafa I Dream of TG 5 :iconescafa:Escafa 212 3 I Dream of TG 6 by Escafa I Dream of TG 6 :iconescafa:Escafa 206 1 I Dream of TG 7 by Escafa I Dream of TG 7 :iconescafa:Escafa 185 2 I Dream of TG 8 by Escafa I Dream of TG 8 :iconescafa:Escafa 239 16 Twlight by tgwonder
Mature content
Twlight :icontgwonder:tgwonder 70 52
Various stuff we like. Claire favorited most of them.


Merry Christmas!

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And have a happy new year, too! *<:3

~Raiden & Claire

Claire's P.S. Chapter 1 of The Cure is finished, but I'm waiting to post it when I have more time to update it regularly. However, I also a surprise story in the pipeline... stay tuned. ;D


Raiden & Claire
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United States
We are professional artists, making a living off of selling art through our business, largely via commissions. We are happily married with a new baby boy, and we are both androgynous (though, physically, Claire is F & Raiden is M).
This page is meant as a place for us to have fun with TG lit & art. The art IS coming eventually, we promise! Claire just has to get used to drawing with a tablet first. Since this is a place of fun, no we will not upload any of our normal art here. We've seen enough of it hanging around our studio. =P
That's about all there is to say at this time. Take a look around, and hope you enjoy our work!

Currently Active: Claire :D


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